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7 Health Benefits You May Feel from NeuraVie’s Key Ingredients

NeuraVie™ is a nootropic product with key ingredients designed to support the six pillars of immediate, short, and long-term cognitive (brain) health: Focus, Memory, Learning, Accuracy, Concentration, and Reasoning. To get all of the ingredients found in NeuraVie, you’d have to spend a total of $300! So when we tell you this blend is the most high-quality cognitive-supported supplement of its kind, we mean it!  

You may be able to feel incredible benefits from NeuraVie’s ingredients, which can help you keep up with your brain health and the changing world around you! Its key ingredients have been shown in independent clinical trials to provide the following benefits.   

Supports Focus

In a fast-paced world where technology is becoming a prime form of communication, focus is a necessity. But instead of long-term solutions, people often turn to caffeinated beverages, energy drinks, and other unnatural supplements to remain focused during the day (or night). We crafted NeuraVie with no caffeine and all-natural ingredients like Theobromine that can promote greater alertness in higher amounts than caffeine can. All to help you stay focused!  

Promotes Feelings of Wellness

NeuraVie isn’t just amazing for our brain health, but it promotes overall feelings of wellness! Our brain is connected to different parts of the body, so it makes sense that when you feel good mentally, you also feel great physically! NeuraVie ingredients also target our neural systems, which in turn, leads to more auxiliary benefits.   

Supports Our Brain’s Cellular Fuel Systems

NeuraVie’s key ingredients help support healthy brain function across all neurological systems. NeuraVie contains five ingredient blends that synergistically support a healthy brain: a neurology-supported blend, amino/secretagogue blend, botanical nootropic blend, and gut/brain blend.   

There’s also a Carotenoid (eye health) blend with key ingredients, at higher levels, that can protect our eyes against blue light damage.  

Promotes Feelings of Confidence and Resilience

NeuraVie ingredients like Saffron Extract is high in Carotenoids and B Vitamins that help increase Serotonin levels in the brain. Studies show that increasing Serotonin, known by some as the happy hormone, often creates feelings of calmness, confidence, and resilience among other things. Nootropics have been proven by research to increase levels of dopamine and motivation, which may be able to give you that extra boost of confidence you need! 

Increase Response Time and Decrease Cognitive Inhibition in Memory Trials

Cognitive inhibition with memory typically occurs over time; the mind will start to tune out things that are not relevant to us or the task at hand. Many ingredients in NeuraVie, like L-Theanine, can improve cognition, memory, and selective attention.   

Support the Mechanisms Responsible for the Body’s Acute Stress Response

With high-intensity situations, the body’s acute stress response is activated by its automatic nervous system. NeuraVie’s ingredients support these mechanisms that allow the body’s stress response to kick in. NeuraVie also contains necessary amino acids and vitamins that help the nervous system function properly.   

Supporting Gut Health and Strengthening of the Brain-Gut Connection

Did you know another term for the gut is called “the second brain”? This is because the gut operates on its own and communicates often with our actual brain, both chemically and physically.  Our body’s ‘Vagus Nerve’ works as the main communication between our brain and gut. NeuraVie contains a gut flora support with ingredients that have been shown to improve mood, cognitive function, and increase good bacteria in the gut.   

Click here to learn more about NeuraVie, its ingredients, and benefits. 


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