Recapping our 2020 Virtual Convention - New U Life

Recapping our 2020 Virtual Convention

Last month, we had our annual convention, but this time it was virtual. Our “.comvention” was a week-long online event that included interactive activities, new announcements, and training from leaders and experts in finance, business, science, product education, and more!  

We had 50,000 unique visits to the .comvention site, a record-breaking number! As attendees logged onto the event, they were greeted by our founder and CEO Alexy Goldstein. In a video, he welcomed everyone to the event and announced some of the success we’ve had as a company such as international growth, accomplishing whole body health goals, and releasing revolutionary products. But that was just the beginning of a week-long inspired event full of non-stop excitement. 

30 Hours of Training, Workshops, and Fun

We had 22 training workshops, everything from SomaDerm® to learning how to manage your own business, offered in both English and Chinese languages. Additionally, we had three general sessions and one global recognition session for all our New U Life® family to attend.  

And of course, we couldn’t have our virtual convention without some online activities! We loved seeing the thousands of photos taken by our distributors via our virtual photo booth. Attendees could also comment on a live feed and interact during each of the training sessions.  

Pre-Launching a New Brain Health Supplement

On Wednesday’s session of the convention, Alexy Goldstein and president of New U Life, Bruce Levitin, announced brand-new product! NeuraVie is a brain health supplement designed to help maintain the six pillars of brain health. This multi-faceted caffeine-free drink helps optimize your mental capacity, coming in two delicious flavorsPom-Berry and Passion Fruit. You can learn more about it here. 

Launching New Videos and Programs

Along with a new product launch came the release of two new videos. Our new opportunity video outlines the fascinating business opportunity you can have with New U Life! We also introduced the beginning of our compensation plan video seriesCheck out the videos below 

We’re also excited about our three new distributor programs that will help our New U Life family reach major heights in their business and personal development! Through these programs (U5 Qualified, Road to Coach, and Express Rewards) our distributors will receive rewards and other bonuses for sharing products with friends and family! 

Recognizing Our Leaders

We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing and talented distributors! At convention, we announced two major awards to recognize the hard work and dedication of some of our top distributors! The Founder Award, given to those distributors that made a big impact on the New U Life family, was awarded to the following recipients: Danelle Rich, Patrick and Kelly-Duncan Smith, Kenny Olsen, and Johnny LoPrestoPivotal leaders Dean and Ambr Degrasse received the International Chairman Award, an award for distributors who contributed to international growth in a major way.  

Red Cross Donations to Aid those affected by California fires

During the event, New U Life partnered with American Red Cross to raise donations in support of those affected by the California wildfires. New U Life donated $50,000 on behalf of those individuals to help aid their recovery. 

We appreciate all who tuned in with us for .comvention2020 has been an insane year, full of surprises, disappointments, adjustments, and change. But we stood strong together, and we think this convention was the perfect symbol of hope and excitement for a great future.  


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